I think one easy gift to make would be a tote bag, there are so many free patterns and ideas on the internet you just have to pick one you like.
One of the main feature of making one tote standing out from the other I must say is the fabric used, second would be the workmanship — a bit of style to the finishing like the tote handle used and even a coloured lining really makes a difference.
Here I have created two more tote bags as gifts – one for my sister and one for someone special in Australia.
Australian themed fabric tote bag with black lining – I’ve added a black lining to the tote bag to give it ‘structure’ as the fabric is rather thin and the inner lining support fabric also adds durability too in terms of heavy load.  The design or pattern of the fabric makes a difference in terms of aesthetic and what better way to give someone this tote who loves art and is in Australia.

Denim with flowers fabric tote bag – I spent sometime hunting for a light-blue strip handle to match dark blue denim fabric so that the tote bag design stand out.  I did not use any lining for this bag as the material is thick and durable but added a denim fabric flap to steady the bag handle and as a aesthetic feature too. The fabric comes with machined embroidered flowers patterns which is just so gorgeous  I could not resist a impulse buy.

So maybe if you need to craft a gift for a Lady in the future and you have some really nice fabrics to part with a tote bag maybe a real good item to make. A tote bag is also easy to pack for mailing to overseas, I folded the tote into 4 parts and mail it out in a envelope.
Have fun with your fabrics!
Batik Fabric with Leather Strap Tote Bag for Mommy